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Start On 3rd July 2023
Duration 1 Month
Mode of Instruction Onsite
Age Group 7 +
Fee Rs 7,000/-

Course Outline

  • Introduction to writing
  • Understanding the importance of writing skills
  • Exploring different types of writing (narrative, descriptive, persuasive)
  • Engaging in brainstorming activities to generate writing ideas
  • Introduction to basic writing structure (introduction, body, conclusion)
  • Building vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Vocabulary development through word games and activities
  • Learning about parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives)
  • Practicing sentence construction and using correct grammar
  • Introduction to punctuation and capitalization rules
  • Developing paragraph writing skills
  • Understanding the structure of a paragraph (topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion)
  • Practicing writing clear and cohesive paragraphs 
  • Incorporating transition words and phrases to enhance paragraph flow 
  • Peer review and feedback for paragraph writing exercises
  • Exploring narrative writing
  • Introduction to narrative writing and storytelling 
  • Creating characters, setting, and plot in narratives
  • Practicing writing engaging story beginnings and endings
  • Using descriptive language and sensory details in narrative writing
  • Enhancing descriptive writing
  • Understanding the purpose of descriptive writing
  • Practicing descriptive writing using vivid language and sensory imagery
  • Describing people, places, objects, and events in detail
  • Peer editing and revision techniques for descriptive writing
  • Developing persuasive writing skills
  • Introduction to persuasive writing and its purpose
  • Learning persuasive techniques (facts, examples, emotional appeal)
  • Constructing persuasive arguments and counterarguments
  • Writing persuasive essays or letters on relevant topics
  • Creative writing and imagination
  • Encouraging creativity and imagination in writing exploring different forms of creative writing (poetry and short stories)
  • Engaging in writing prompts and free writing exercises sharing and discussing creative writing pieces
  • Research and expository writing 
  • Introduction to research skills and credible sources 
  • Practicing note-taking and organizing information
  • Writing expository essays or reports on a chosen topic
  • Incorporating citations and references in writing
  • Revision and final showcase reviewing 
  • The writing process and the importance of revision 
  • Peer editing and self-editing techniques for improving writing
  • Polishing final pieces and preparing for a writing showcase
  • Sharing and celebrating completed writing projects

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