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Advance Digital Marketing and Google Mastery Course

Advance Digital Marketing and Google Mastery Course

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DIgital Marketing
Start On July 2024
Duration 2 Months
Number of classes 16
Mode of Instruction Online
Seat avaiable 30+

Course Overview

Refine your digital marketing prowess in our Advanced Digital Marketing course. Tailored for professionals, this program delves into dynamic strategies for Facebook Advertisers, leveraging LinkedIn for business growth, advanced SEO techniques, and social media analytics. Gain hands-on experience, master campaign optimization, and earn certification for advanced proficiency.

Prerequisites include a foundational understanding of digital marketing concepts. Elevate your skills and stay ahead in the evolving digital landscape.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Web-based Instructor-Led Training
  • Learning Material: Core contents – presentations and videos
  • Reading material with reference that elaborates various concepts in detail
  • Project and Assignments
  • AI-driven Simulations for real-world campaign planning
  • Interactive discussion boards

This practical program is tailored to support you with all your questions throughout the learning journey, to make the most of every single part of the course.


Module 1: Digital Marketing & Content Marketing Strategy:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Planning
  • Budget Planning – Social Media Plan
  • Content calendar strategy & implementation

Module 2: Online Advertising Using Google Ads (SEM)

  • Google Ad Account Setup
  • Campaign Structuring 
  • Organizing Ad Groups
  • Intense Keyword Research
  • Match Types
  • Relevant Content Structure
  • Setting up your Google Campaigns
  • Google Ads Optimization 
  • Different Targeting of Video, Display & Shopping Ads
  • Linking AdWords to Google Analytics, YouTube & the website

Advance Tracking & Analytics 

  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Setup Campaign Conversion 
  • Calculate ROI on Campaigns 
  • Remarketing on Google
  • Live Case: Google Campaign

Module 3: Facebook & Instagram Marketing

  • Facebook Pages 
  • Facebook Groups, Events & Applications
  • Facebook Page Moderation 
  • Connect the Facebook Page to Instagram & WhatsApp for Business
  • Hashtags Best Practice
  • Creator Studio 
  • Facebook Posting & Scheduling 
  • Facebook Messenger & Bots 
  • Insights & Analytics

  • Build a professional Instagram profile
  • Instagram content best practices
  • Grow your account without buying fake likes
  • Stories & highlights for business
  • Cross-promoting the content & repurposing
  • Instagram verification
  • Instagram Hashtags best practices
  • Reels & Guides best practices
  • IGTV – Best practices
  • Instagram Analytics & Metrics
  • Create effective Instagram campaigns and success stories
  • Instagram Tools (creating videos, designs, and stories)

  • Facebook ads objectives
  • Understanding how ads work
  • Ad campaigns and Ad sets structure
  • Optimize the target audience to reach the right people
  • Facebook Bidding types
  • Setting up Conversions
  • Monitor the performance of a promotion – Beginner to Advanced
  • Performance & Analytics Metrics
  • Remarketing on Facebook – custom audiences & lookalikes
  • Target your own database, emails, or phone numbers on Facebook
  • Target the website visitors on Facebook and the people who engaged with your pages.

Module 4: LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

  • LinkedIn personal account vs. LinkedIn company pages
  • Build a solid LinkedIn profile
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • Create a professional LinkedIn company page
  • LinkedIn content strategy & best practices
  • Optimize the content for the SEO to increase visibility on the search results
  • Tips & Tools including the best time to post online and analytics
  • Top LinkedIn mistakes to avoid
  • B2B & B2C Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn advertising – Create effective ads to generate leads and conversions
  • LinkedIn Ad targeting details (target by job title, company, education …)
  • Personalized ad messages on LinkedIn
  • Improve business exposure in LinkedIn to increase revenue potential for the business

Module 5: Building your channel on YouTube

  • Creating Your Own YouTube Channel
  • An introduction to YouTube policies & guidelines
  • How to optimize YouTube channels and videos 
  • How to run YouTube monetization and earn money
  • Marketing & Ads to get more views
  • Advanced tips and tricks to improve your YouTube Channel
  • Highlights on creating effective YouTube ads from Google Ads
  • Improve business exposure on YouTube

Module 6: Twitter & TikTok Marketing Strategy

  • Twitter Marketing growth strategy
  • Content strategy, frequency and types
  • Twitter Hashtags, trends & tools to find the best hashtags.
  • Twitter Marketing & Ads to get followers, retweets, generate leads, boost clicks, and drive sales.
  • Ads pricing and best practices
  • Targeting details
  • Linking Twitter to the website

  • Branding Your TikTok Profile for Business
  • Creating A Hashtag Challenge
  • How Businesses Use TikTok in the real World
  • Best TikTok marketing strategies to increase followers
  • TikTok Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
  • TikTok Ads

  • Snapchat for business 
  • Pinterest 
  • Vimeo

Module 7: Google Analytics Basic

  • Setting up the platform to analyze the website traffic
  • Understanding the Analytics Dashboard
  • Analytics Metrics & Bounce Rate
  • Audience Insights
  • Acquisition & Channels – Where visitors came from
  • Calculate the ROI of every traffic source
  • Analytics Reporting – Decision making
  • Behavior and Website Pages’ analytics
  • Setting up Goals & Conversions
  • Analytics & Revenue Tracking
  • Measuring your Site’s ROI (Return on Investment) – Conversions Tracking