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Influencer Marketing and Digital PR

Influencer Marketing and Digital PR

Start On Course Full
Duration 5 Month
Level Beginner to Advance
Seat avaiable Course Full
Price 60,000

Course Overview

Influencers have taken the globe by storm in recent years, demonstrating how social media can provide us with so much room to express our skills and make it big in life.

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the rapidly increasing influencer marketing industry, with a focus on how to develop influencer tactics. It is suitable for marketers, business owners, and individuals who wish to monetise their public platforms.

Influencers are an essential component of every marketing strategy, whether for a huge organisation or a small firm. Many industries have benefited from influencer partnerships, but there is still a lot of ambiguity about where to find the right influencers, which influencers to work with, and how to include outstanding influencer content into campaigns. This course will take you from the basics through strategy and real-world implementation!

Learning Outcomes

  • In-depth understanding of the IM industry, including its effectiveness and future prospects.
  • In-depth understanding of influencer kinds and categories, as well as how to interpret and analyze influencer demographics and content analytics.
  • Understanding how to use social media sites and how to read various types of material.
  • Ability to design influencer campaigns and generate a strategy.
  • Understanding the global and local influencer marketplaces is essential.