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Start On 3rd July 2023
Duration 5 Days
Mode of Instruction Onsite
Age Group 7 +
Fee Rs 7,000/-

Course Overview

Course Overview

Throughout the training, it’s essential to combine theoretical explanations with practical exercises and gameplay. 

Encourage the trainee to play practice games against other beginners or use chess puzzles and online resources to further reinforce the concepts learned.


Introduction and Basic Rules

  • Introduction to the chessboard and the pieces
  • Explanation of the movement and value of each piece
  • Introduction to basic rules such as check, checkmate, and stalemate
  • Practice exercises to reinforce the understanding of the rules

Opening Principles and Development

  • Explanation of the importance of developing pieces in the opening phase
  • Introduction to common opening principles, such as controlling the center and developing knights and bishops
  • Discussion of various opening strategies and their purposes
  • Practice exercises to apply opening principles

Tactics and Calculation

  • Introduction to chess tactics, including forks, pins, skewers, and discovered attacks
  • Explanation of how to calculate moves and anticipate opponent’s responses
  • Discussion of tactical motifs and common patterns
  • Practice exercises to improve tactical vision and calculation skills

Strategy and Positional Understanding

  • Introduction to strategic concepts such as pawn structure, piece activity, and king safety
  • Discussion of different types of pawn structures and their strategic implications
  • Explanation of positional ideas like piece coordination and the importance of the center
  • Practice exercises to enhance positional understanding

Endgame Fundamentals

  • Introduction to basic endgame principles and goals
  • Discussion of fundamental endgame techniques, such as king and pawn endgames
  • Explanation of essential checkmating patterns in the endgame
  • Practice exercises to develop endgame skills and knowledge

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